​Letter to WE Anderson from Kunio Hidaka

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Image Description
Scanned black-and-white microfilm of a typewritten copy of a letter addressed to the government from Kunio Hidaka regarding dispossession of their property.
Sender's Address
Room 1, 438 Street Francois Xavier Street,
Montreal, Quebec
Recipient Address
​Office of the Custodian,
506 Royal Bank Building,
Vancouver, British Columbia

C.o. [care of] for Mr. Shears' Complaint File

Room 1, 438 St. Francois Xavier St.,
Montreal, P.Q. [Quebec]
July 24, 1947.


Mr. W.E. Anderson,
Office of the Custodian,
506 Royal Bank Building,
Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Sir:

Re: Your file No. 9374

Your letter of 2nd May to my father, Teiso Hidaka, with enclosures and cheque dated June 6th, 1947, has been forwarded to me for reply.

The cheque you enclosed is returned herewith as the amount is considered totally inadequate to cover the items which you claim were sold and for which the amount is payment.

Your statement of account has an item of March 1, 1945 marked "Net proceeds auction Mission 13 - Credit .18." I would like you to furnish me with a list of the items sold by auction and price received from each item, and a statement of deductions, if any.

You have also included an item of September 5, 1945, marked "Transfer of equal division of joint account with Kunio - Credit $159.00". As one piece of real property was the only item held jointly by my father and myself I do not believe I would be incorrect in assuming that the credit item is the proceed from the property which you claim has been sold. The sale of such property is still under dispute and the legality of your actions has not been established by the courts. Until the courts have ruled on this matter it is not our intention to consider your actions as being valid. We, therefore, have returned cheques which you state are payment for property.

You have requested that the Title document of the property be sent to your office and claim that is has been cancelled at the Land Registry Office. If the document has been duly cancelled it has no legal validity and hence can be of no use to you. You have failed to state either your reason or your right to ask for this document. As is apparent, it is not enclosed.

The items concerning Pacific Co-operative Union shares are considered to be in order, and there will be forwarded to you if you will agree to issue a separate cheque for their payment.

Yours very truly,

"Kunio HIDAKA"