Teachers' Lesson Plan

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Teachers' Lesson Plan

Download sample classroom activities, including exhibit information and worksheets, for each section of the Writing Wrongs exhibit below.


A lesson matrix has been provided to guide you through the activities and the associated exhibit chapters. The matrix is organized by chapter title, but also includes a focus question and brief overview of the lessons activity(s). The focus question connects the lesson activities to the content of the exhibit and offers a tool to hold a summary discussion with the students after the activity is completed. Alternatively, teachers can use the focus question to guide an independent student investigation into each chapter.

Lesson Matrix

  • Overview of each lesson activity
  • Focus Question

Teacher Instructions

  • Chapter 1 – Kibou
    • Bingo Game
  • Chapter 2 – Ikigai
    • Chart and Reflect
  • Chapter 3 – Gaman
    • Voices of Protest
  • Chapter 4 – Hibiki
    • Elevator Pitch


  • Handout 1.1 – Bingo Game Sheet
  • Handout 2.1 – Chart and Reflect
  • Handout 3.1 – Voices of Protest - Letter Chart
  • Handout 3.2 – Voices of Protest - Likert Survey
  • Handout 3.3 – Voices of Protest – Response from Custodian
  • Handout 4.1 – Elevator Pitch Criteria

Evaluation Rubrics

  • Evaluation Rubric 1.1 – Bingo Game Suggested Responses
  • Evaluation Rubric 2.1 – Chart and Reflect Suggested Responses
  • Evaluation Rubric 4.1 – Elevator Pitch

Additional Resources and Links

(created with support from Nikkei National Museum and Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association)

(Virtual Museum of Canada online exhibit)

(Nikkei National Museum co-created with volunteers)

(Supported by Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association, made with contributions from teachers)

(PDF edition of The Politics of Racism: The Uprooting of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War by Ann Sunahara)

(by Ann Sunahara)

(Site dedicated to the forced sale of Japanese Canadian owned property with links to teacher resources)

Teachers' Lesson Plan (PDF) — 1.2MB