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Writing Wrongs: Japanese Canadian Protest Letters of the 1940s is a Nikkei National Museum online exhibit. It was inspired by research from the Landscapes of Injustice project on the Japanese Canadian dispossession and letters of protest.

This online project was developed with the support of the Digital Museums Canada investment program. Digital Museums Canada is managed by the Canadian Museum of History, with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

Creative content, including montages and films, was developed by Tabata Productions.

Website design and creation by NGX Interactive.


Sherri Kajiwara Curator
Carolyn Nakagawa Project Manager
Linda Kawamoto Reid Research Archivist
André Lussier France Jodoin Nicholas Massé Charlotte Maus Exhibit French translation
Jean-Pierre Lussier Archival letter French translation
Maryline Perrett Anne Port Lesson plan French translation
Masumi Rodriguez Reiko Kelly Pleau Nathalie Picard Emiko Newman Kimberly Cielos Tai Anderson Additional Project Assistance

Tabata Productions

Susanne Tabata Lead Creative Director Senior Creative Content Producer
John Endo Greenaway Art Director Graphic Designer
Masako Fukawa Sally Ito Terry Watada Lisa Smedman Bernie “Skundaal” Williams Susanne Tabata John Endo Greenaway Story Writers and Consultants
Chelsea Schmidtke Data Entry Content Management Writer Editor
Jon West Landscape Cinematography Photography
Kazuko Ikegawa Calligraphy
Dirk Erkau Studio Photography
Riccardo Almeida Matt Koeleman Joonsuk Lee Cinematography
Zen Belle Laura Fukumoto Maria Milano Kanon Suzuki-Hewitt Brett Willis Actors
Henrique Andrade Location Sound
Fernando Diaz Vlad Kapeliushnyl Edgar Marquez Armando Ruiz Valerie Kvochkova Models
LaSalle College Vancouver Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site Nitobe Memorial Garden Locations
Chris Thompson Set Construction
Gulf of Georgia Cannery Nikkei National Museum Objects
Gustavo Reinecken Post Production Supervisor
Henrique Andrade Michael Foster Adam Fulton Yuta Ishibashi Jake Paler Gustavo Reinecken Post Production (Picture, Sound)
Line 21 Media Services Transcription & Closed Captioning Services
Beyond Description Sound Services Descriptive Video Services

NGX Interactive

Nicole De Swardt Project Manager
Alexis Jensen Producer
Hanna Cho Senior Producer
Theresa Melo UI Designer
Codi Lechasseur Web Developer
Dan Asfar Story Lead
Christina Gheorghe Quality Assurance
Justin Williams Senior UI Designer

Institutional partners for the project are:
Landscapes of Injustice

Jordan Stanger-Ross Project Director Original Scholarship Co-Author
Kaitlin Findlay Research Coordinator
Nick Blomley Original Scholarship Co-Author
Mike Perry-Whittingham Lesson Plan Creator
Eric Adams Yoriko Gillard Eiji Okawa Trevor Wideman Landscapes of Injustice Research Collective Additional Consultants
Nikkei National Museum (NNM) 2012-10-1-1-9 NNM 2012-10-1-1-12 NNM 2013. Mas Fukawa and family NNM 2010-23-2-4-201 NNM 2001-28-2-1-4 NNM 1996-182-1-30 NNM 1994-60-22 Vancouver Public Library 2108 NNM 2010-80-2-80 NNM 1994-69-4-27 Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre 2001-3-59 "Reiko, Alberta, 1945". Lillian Michiko Blakey, Acrylic on canvas, 2009., NNM 2013-57-1-6 NNM Eiji Yatabe collection NNM 2001-28-2-1-9 NNM 1994-69-4-29 NNM 2001-4-157 NNM 2011-77-2-1-15 Tamio Wakayama estate NNM 1995-143-1-41 Kayla Isomura photograph City of Vancouver Archives 780-372 NNM 2000-9-2-3 NNM 2012-29-2-2-52 NNM 2010.49.17 2010. Omoto family Archival images and additional photography


This exhibit and its contents, except when otherwise indicated, are all property of the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (NNMCC). The protest letters are property of Library and Archives Canada. Archival image ownership is as identified for each individual image. Environmental landscape video images are licensed to the NNMCC in perpetuity for use in the exhibit. Tabata Productions retains moral rights to all video assets and non-archival graphic assets in the exhibit which are property of the NNMCC. Except for fair dealing, exhibit content in part or in whole may not be reproduced without prior written explicit permission from the NNMCC or when applicable, the owner of the content in question, with appropriate acknowledgment or citation of the copyright owner and the online exhibit.