​Letter to The Custodian's Office from Shimo Kameda

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Image Description
Scanned black-and-white microfilm of a typewritten copy of a letter addressed to the government from Shimo Kameda regarding dispossession of their property.
Sender's Address
Box 28,
Minto Mine, British Columbia
Recipient Address
​The Custodian's Office,
Vancouver, British Columbia

Copy for Mr. Shears.

Box 28,
Minto Mine, B.C.

The Custodian's Office,
Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Sir:

Am in receipt of the articles sold by your office of my fixtures, personal belonging and merchandise, etc., from Store and residence in Port Essington.

Your list is by no means complete, many items are missing, e.g. from Pt. Essington Store and residence.


Hand trucks


typewriter (other sent to HS Kameda)


Cash regristers


tone of coal


cords of wood


field glasses (locked in Safe)


Japanese Costime Wigs, 4 Silk Kimonos, 4 male Kimonos, 1 frock and several accessories

Dishes, etc., all new, all articles sold for rediculous amts.amounts, e.g. $425.00 Daylon scale for $50.00. From my Vancouver House 1864 W. 8th missing:

1 wooden Bed

1 single Mattress

1 double Mattress

From House at North Pacific Cannery:

1 double mattress

1 comforter

1 Coleman lamp

1 Ice-cream freezer

1 Bath Tub

4 Chairs

1 Hand truck.

Above is not a complete list of missing articles.

Yours truly,

(Mrs.) "Shimo Kameda"
File #1582.