Letter to the Custodian from Toyemon Fukumoto

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Image Description
Scanned black-and-white microfilm of a typewritten copy of a letter addressed to the government from Toyemon Fukumoto regarding dispossession of their property.
Sender's Address
Slocan City, British Columbia
Recipient Address
​The Custodian,
506 Royal Bank Building,
Vancouver, British Columbia

Slocan City, B. C.
February 24, 1945.

The Custodian,
506 Royal Bank Building,
Vancouver, B. C.

Dear Sir:

Your File No. 1474

You have informed me that my property known as Lot 11 - Block "D" - District No. 318 8636 Selkirk St. and chattels have been sold.

As you are aware, I have never consented to the sale nor ratified it, but have at all times and do now, object to the sale of my said property. Because, however, I am in destitute circumstances, for my present earning is not sufficient to support my family owing to the weather not being suitable to logging operations here. Now, I would request you to forward me $50 from my fund in your office each month in order to maintain myself and my family, but in doing so I wish it made clear that it is only being accepted under protest and without prejudice to any rights which I have or may have arising our of what I consider the wrongful sale and disposition of my property.

Need of the fund which is requested in this letter is very urgent, therefore, it would be appreciated if you will kindly forward it immediately.

Yours truly,

"T. Fukumoto"
Toyemon FUKUMOTO Reg. No. 03007